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The Good Neighbour Fund is now accepting new grant applications for funding.

In an effort to facilitate the review process for the numerous requests that we receive, we have revised the grant application (please download new form).

Applications are reviewed monthly.

The application deadline for consideration is the last day of each month (i.e., applications received by November 30th will be considered in the month of December).

The Good Neighbour Fund is a registered non-profit charitable organization that considers limited assistance to those individuals/families requiring support in exceptional cases not covered by other funding. From time to time there are individuals who need a little extra help. There are many excellent charities and resources in our community. Sometimes, though, it's not enough. There are people whose circumstances or need is not covered by other assistance.

The Good Neighbour Fund Can Help

The Good Neighbour Fund is dedicated to helping those who are not covered by other assistance. The Good Neighbour Fund provides limited financial resources or assistance to individuals in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

"Because you cared to help me when in a crisis state,
I have you to thank for the fact I am now employed and working."

A grateful recipient

There is no set list of items or service the Good Neighbour Fund provides. Each person's emergency is studied and the Fund reacts to the specific need with crisis funding, goods or partial payments. In the past, the Fund has provided for the deaf and blind, provided wheelchairs, orthopaedic shoes, clothing, furniture, food, school books and paid medical and dental bills. The volunteer Board of Directors acts on behalf of those in need.

The Good Neighbour Fund was established to help in an efficient, effective way and does this through extremely low overhead costs. The Fund does not receive, or seek, any government funding. It depends instead on the generosity of many donors.

Donations to the Fund are gratefully received from individuals and organizations who help contribute to the success of the fund. As well, many service clubs choose the Good Neighbour Fund as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts.

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The Good Neighbour Fund is here to help.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from the assistance of the Good Neighbour Fund, and can't be served by other agencies or organizations, please let us know.

"There are people who say they care,
and then there are people like you who show you care."

A Good Neighbour Fund recipient

To Apply

Application deadline is the last day of every month. Please fill out the application form to help the Board of Directors understand the circumstances. Those who apply are assured of privacy.

Download The Good Neighbour Fund Application (pdf)

The Board of Directors meets once a month.

Contact us:

The Good Neighbour Fund
c/o Edmonton
18520 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5S 1A8 Ph: 780-486-9215
Fax: 780-484-4426

The Good Neighbour Fund is a registered charitable organization, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Special thanks to these people who make the Good Neighbour Fund a resource for those in need.

Volunteer Board of Directors

Derek Bulmer
John Colbert
Bruce Hogle
Loleen MacDonald
Brea Malacad
Jonathan Miller
Marla S. Miller Q.C.
Tony Norrad
Michelle Ponich
Erin Ross
Ralph Vandenberg

Program Administrator
Wendy McGuigan

Thank You

The Good Neighbour Fund would like to thank the generosity and caring of dozens of organizations and private companies who regularly help out. Many participate by offering their products and services free of charge or at cost to help those in need. These businesses and organizations help in the true spirit of philanthropy, and wish to remain anonymous.

Registered Charitable Number: 887575868RR0001